Head Trauma resulting in epilepsy & seizures

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Whose seizures and epilepsy were a result of head trauma? I'm beginning to realize that my doctors are right, that this seizure was brought on by a head trauma and if that's the case, I've probably been having complex partial seizures and of course the grand mal.

Age 1 or 2, my Mom had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a child and my head went into the windshield hard enough to break the windshield. My Mom said I hardly cried but I had to have had a gash on my head.

Age 3 or 4: I tried on a mask for Halloween to show my mom and reached for a railing, missed and fell down the stairs, hitting my head on the step and the door, ending in getting stitches.

10 years ago, 30 something, slip on deck and split my head open on a sliding glass door, resulting in stitches.

Oh and forgot this one till just now. As a teen, I slipped on black ice and hit my head HARD enough to rattle my brain and give me a headache.

Who has seizures and epilepsy now due to head trauma? This may be the reason I had the seizure but doesn't explain why I didn't have them years ago.
One more thing. In my twenties I went to see a friend at this car dealership where his band was playing and it was wintertime and when I came back out, I slipped on the ice and hit the back of my head.

So I've had at least 3 head traumas to the front of my head and two to the back of my head, 3 resulting in stitches. I'm accident prone I guess. lol
Forgot one incident, making it 6 times. Once when I was about 17, I was at my boyfriends house and on the way home, I was riding my bike down his gravel driveway. The tires slipped and I crashed and burned. Scraped & bruised my body and hit my head on a rock, enough to make it bleed profusely, I almost needed stitches then too..

What if any, was your head trauma to result in seizures?
Its not funny... but dang girl, you are accident prone. And all aimed at your poor noggin. :)

One year ago I was in a dumb car accident. Hit my head on the seat rest (yes the soft squishy seat rest) and got a bad concussion. I still have post concussion syndrome a year later and have partials as a result of the accident. Its called mtbi (mild traumatic brain injury). If you Google mtbi and seizures you will find a large amount of info. And I think I remember reading it can come on years later, but please check that fact. My memory is not good now.
Thanks, I will check it out. It's amazing that something that is soft could give you a concussion but I imagine it's more impact than how soft it is. I've never been in a car accident, as a driver that is, as a baby of course but not as a driver & amazingly with all those head injuries, not one of them did I have a fractured skull. It's amazing and a miracle. I do have a dent in my head now from the brain surgery but that's about it.

Sorry about your accident but at least you're alive. I feel I have Guardian Angels watching over me with everything that's happened. We both do.
it is possible mine are, I have had more than 7 concussions
the styles of martial arts, wrestling school. 2-3 motorcycle accidents
bicycle racing.....list goes on.

the i picked up viral encephalitis and dia few other horrible things to my self
How long ago did those happen? I can't find anything so far that tells how many years later this can occur, longest is 8 years. I did find one in an unrelated search that said it can be as long as 20
Is it possible you had simples or a absense without realizing it.
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My mom said I never had seizures as a child & I never noticed any as a teen either. My Neurologist, Neurosurgeon and other doctors have all asked me if I ever suffered a brain injury when they've viewed my test results the MRI. I didn't think about all the others till recently, forgot about them.

All the head injuries I suffered, never lost consciousness & even with the brain bleed, never had symptoms, which surprised the Neurologist
Wow. Lucky. Well unfortunately you may never know. But I bet your injuries didn't help matters. Could have set the stage and then one day you got too fatigued or too stressed and then they started.
Yeah, since the bleeding had stopped by the time they discovered it, they couldn't tell where it came from. Neurologist said it could have been as simple as a blood vessel that bled. It was a slow bleed luckily, if it had been fast, it would have killed me.
Hi "Angel", I'm so glad that I found your post. My daughter had a traumatic brain injury resulting from a horrible car accident when she was 15. Since her injury, requiring several surgeries and rehab, she has had 3 seizures. She was still living in our family home until a month ago. Last weekend, while she and I were out of town sleeping in a hotel, I woke up to her having a grand mal. This is a very scary situation to see and to be out of town knowing nobody to support me during this situation. But, my reason for writing is to ask you if you live alone and what sort of "safety net" or support amongst friends and/or family do you use. I need to do what's best for her to enable her to be safe but at the same time have her independence. Do you have any suggestions??

Thanks and good luck to you!
I started having my seizures just over a month ago. I had a head injury. (Fell straight forward onto a concrete parking space stopper)

The doctors are not sure if I past out from a fever and lack of fluids and THEN had two seizures after hitting my head or if the seizure was the reason for hitting my head. The more I think about it the more I wonder if the head injury came first.
Hi Robin, I don't live alone so I have help if I have another seizure. They can't drive but can be here to call 911 if needed. The best thing I can think of for your daughter is to get what's called Life Alert, it's a thing she can wear around her neck and if something happens, she can press a button to call for help. I should get one. You pay so much a month and it's linked to operators who will call 911 for you & keeps track of where you are at the time. Guess kind of like a tracking device.

Thank you
over the course of my teenage and adult life,
i didnt develop epilepsy until i was 24 or so.
Yes, there is actually one more thing. I remembered a trauma when I was in high school and I was in gym class. We were on the trampoline and I jumped too high and went flying, bumping my head. People standing around are supposed to try and catch you and these "witches" that I couldn't stand, purposely stepped aside and let me fall off.

My Mom told me when I was a baby, they didn't really do MRIs or cat scans much then and the reason I went into the window was they didn't have car seats then so I just had a seat belt on.
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