Negative emotions can trigger stroke


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I am assuming this is also the case with seizures....

Researchers don't know how these triggers precipitate a stroke. "It's possible that brief episodes of mental stress cause transient changes in blood clotting and in the function of cells lining blood vessels. It is important to note that our study does not assess the cumulative risk related to exposures to potential triggers but short-term risks during the two-hour period immediately following exposures," Koton said.

Sudden reactions to startling events could trigger stroke through effects on blood circulation or an excessive response by the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates body functions such as heart rate or blood pressure.

The study also examined whether other factors such as positive emotions, heavy physical exertion, and heavy meals were triggers for stroke, and no significant relationship was found.
Oh boy, I'm in trouble know!

RobiN, this is how I LIVE on a daily basis! There is so much DRAMA in my house. Ask Mr. B, he's been privy to some of this stuff.

Oh well.... If I fall down dead some day, ya'll will know why.
I'd vote for that as being true. :tup:

I tend to find that if I'm going through some kinda loss/depressive state of mind, I'm more open to receiving sz's.

BUT, I also find that if I'm toooo happy, maybe hyper would be a good explanation ?...the same happens as above.

I believe, you have to try and maintain that steady 'medium' to keep a level mind.

As for anger....well, I find with anger that I DON'T have any problems. It's when the anger has been 'released', ie. the after-effect, that causes the sz. For instance, if I'm having a real bad time in work, the boss is getting on my back all the time, the phone doesn't stop ringing, etc. I'm fine at the time. But when I get home, or when the weekend comes (time to unwind) I'll probably find that I'm susceptible to having a sz.
Negative emotions can trigger strokes (& seizures)

I believe it is very possible for negative emotions to bring on seizure activity. It seems like every time I get stressed out or upset I have a seizure. Since my last Neurologist appointment (see: that post for details), I have had at least 5 or more seizures. Sure my AED change could be slightly responsible. But I believe that my negative emotions from that day got the seizure activity going. This is not an isolated incident. On many other occasions that caused great deals of stress I would have seizures.

Your health effects your emotions, just like your emotions effect your health.
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