1. I

    Phenytoin and Carbamezapine combination therapy

    Hello everyone. New to the forum. Just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has ever changed their medication from phenytoin /dilantin to carbamezepine/tegretol and if so how was their experience. I have been on phenytoin for 9 years straight but after some breakthrough seizures we...
  2. M

    New to the world of E!

    Hi, The last year has certainly been interesting, as life can be. Certainly learning the concept of "Life happens when you planning other things. (Allen Saunders)". 2016 ended with an aortic root aneurysm repair (Bentall Procedure) and the wonderful part is I'm still here to tell the tail...
  3. S

    Not Sure Where I Belong...

    I had a seizure, but I'm not sure it is epilepsy yet. My story: In the last few months, I have been experiencing symptoms that made me think I may be entering perimenopause. I am not yet 41, but my mother and sisters all went through it early. In fact, one of my sisters was fully menopausal...
  4. Z

    [Research] Phenytoin serum level effective at 3mg/L??

    Hi all, I've come across a lab book. Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Data By Mary Lee. In Google book search. Anyway on page 93 books states that a Whole 50%!! of tonic-clonic seizures are controlled with serum levels of less than 7mg/L!! Just enter "dilantin level less than 10" in...
  5. brain

    Cardiovascular problems: Common AEDS may increase risk of cardiovascular problems

    Cardiovascular problems: Common anti-seizure drugs may increase risk of cardiovascular problems
  6. Q

    Can somebody help? - New member

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've had a number of seizures, as a result of brain surgery to remove a brain tumor in 1996. The tumor was discovered after I had a seizure. After removing the tumor, I was placed on seizure control medication - first Tegratol (spelling?), and then Dilantin...
  7. B

    Phenytoin can cause bone loss.

    I was in a doctor's office reading a magazine read phenytoin cause bone loss. I talked to my neuro and I ask him and he said yes. :e: I took Dilantin for 32 years so I want be tested I told him. :bigmouth: So next month when I see him where going to talk about me having a bone...
  8. R

    Dilantin side effects

    I had my first seizures last fall while sleeping (at age 49) and have been on Dilantin for about 7 months now. I have not had a seizure since which of course is great. But, I am worried about the side effects of Dilantin. At first I just thought I was adjusting to it but now I think otherwise...
  9. W

    Questions for Dilantin users

    Is any one here taking Dilantin like I am I've been takeing it for the past 3 years now and just wondering if I'm the only one.
  10. Birdbomb

    Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ Children Whose Moms Took Valproate During Pregnancy More Likely to Have Lower IQs By Charlene Laino WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD May 3, 2007 (Boston) -- Women of childbearing...
  11. J

    Dilantin's Dark Side

    I've been taking Dilantin for about 40 years. Last night I started Googling the word 'dilantin', and of course, all sorts of information popped up. I read quite a bit of it. As I read the lists of "side effects", my present existence made total sense, though I am not happy with the knowledge...
  12. RanMan

    Long term effects of dilantin

    I've been on dilantin for 26 years now and although I haven't had any stomach pain from it, I have had other symptoms. You should talk to your Doc. about this and maybe he can find another med for you.(I'm not in the medical profession so I'm only going on past experiences) It is...
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