Phenytoin can cause bone loss.

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I was in a doctor's office reading a magazine read phenytoin cause bone loss.
I talked to my neuro and I ask him and he said yes. :e:
I took Dilantin for 32 years so I want be tested I told him. :bigmouth:
So next month when I see him where going to talk about me having a bone density test.:ponder:

That sounds like a good plan Belinda.
I shake my head that you had to read this in a magazine article, and not learn this directly from him.
It's a well known long term adverse effect of Dilantin. Having a bone density test periodically is a good idea for those taking it.

Adding a good source of calcium to the diet (not milk) is also important.
Yes, it's true

I was on it for 37 years.

So far, I'm OK, miraculously. But, I was taking Vitamin D, too, so that helped......but I do have quite a bit of bone it will be time for a new test for me soon, too, I think.
I do have the worst luck in breaking bones.
I've broken,my jaw,nose,collar bones foot.
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