1. AussieChris

    Seeing auras around people while taking AED's

    Has anyone gotten all psychic or pseudo psychic and started to see auras around people from taking meds?
  2. mylo

    psychic symptoms.

    for the past year or so i've been "guessing things" from time to time. i'll think of a movie i want to see, turn on the TV and it's there, works quite often. i guessed the meal for the quinceñera i was at 2 nights ago. yesterday i got my first tattoo who i knew my friend's family would...
  3. L

    psychic auras, tonic/clonics, and a feeling of renewal?

    I am a 32 yo female, I recently began experiencing seizures and auras. With an impending layoff and the interview process for new potential jobs in the works, it seemed like a real inopportune time for such a medical scare. The auras began before the seizures, and came out of nowhere...
  4. M

    Weird change in seizures!

    :ponder: What on earth has happened since last night. For months my seizures have had the same pattern. I have spent 4 days now on a slightly higher dose of Lyrica, which was planned. The extra 75 mg's have controlled my seizures, so that they "don't develop into big seizures". As if they're...
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