1. skyfire322

    Embarrassing question for the guys....

    Ever since my neurologist down here increased the dosage of my zonisamide to 500 mg and added clonazepam to my daily regimen, I've been suffering from premature ejaculation. It's quite frustrating me (as well as my girlfriend) because I can't last longer than a minute. Before the increase, I...
  2. L

    Sex and Seizures?

    Hello! I'm hoping for some advice or support or anything really. I have what have been drug resistant seizures for about five years now. I have recently started seeing a great guy - he's supportive and funny, we fish together, and he just got accepted to grad school (yay!). However, every time...
  3. skyfire322

    Embarassing Subject: Sex w/ Ambulatory EEG.

    I've got my Ambulatory EEG all set up, and it just so happens to be the same weekend my girlfriend is coming to visit. I haven't seen her in over seven months, and well.... Things are a little "hectic" at the moment, if you catch my drift :roflmao: Would the love have to be saved for another...
  4. M

    [Info] Gabapentin side effects

    All, I'm new to this forum because I never actually thought I had epilepsy. My neurologist has been trying medication to treat migraines which, surprise surprise, are treated with the same meds. But I read a story on this forum and it sounded so much like what I've been dealing with that I...
  5. forward2007

    Impotence as a side effect of Topamax (Men's Issues)

    Have any guys here had impotence as a side effect as a result of taking Topamax? When I went from 50 mg of Topamax twice a day to 200 mg of Topamax twice a day things literally didn't quite work the same! I read online they say only 1% of the Men taking Topamax for Epilepsy have this side...
  6. joey

    Shooting blanks

    ok, i take phenytek and depakote and i do have sex from time to time and i was wondering do these meds make you sterile
  7. J

    epilepsy drugs and male issues

    hey guys i've been taking lamictal and epival for a few years now and i have taken pretty much any and every other drug in the past before. i've been taking meds for about 15 years now and i am now engaged. i was just wondering if me taking these meds will effect my kid if i decide to have one...
  8. D

    Seizure Meds And Libido or just post seizure libido problems

    Hi its Dustin again, I wanted to bring up another problem related to seizure meds. Its something that I have noticed shortly after I started having seizures, and its a lack of libido. I have been on four different meds since I started my seizures: Dilantin, Tegretol, and now a combo of Topamax...
  9. brain

    AED & Sex Drive

    This poll does not expose your answers at all. You do not need to make any comments if you do not desire to. I came across an article in publication; the effects of AED's and Sex Drive. Does it effect you or not?
  10. B


    Ok, now that I have your attention.............. I was wondering if anyone knew of a possible connection between epilepsy and sexual difficulties. I know a lot of the meds can wreak havoc on our hormones and mess up our sex drives but has there been any research done that just having epilepsy...
  11. C

    epilepsy and sex!

    hi all do you think haveing sex with your partner is a good idea when having epilpely caroline get back to me!!!!
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