1. Hand of Blood

    Citalopram and sickness

    Hey guys. So I been on citalopram for about 3ish months now. Anyone know is it still normal to get sick? Most mornings round 3am I feel sick and its will last the whole time till 7 or 8. It's a horrible sick feeling :( I don't think I should still be getting this side effect I'm on 40mg btw...
  2. Shelley

    low body temperature

    I was wondering if any body else has a low body temperature as their normal? My temp has been low all my life, and now that I am sick after a vaccine, I have an elevated temp, and I am having lots of seizures. I never thought about it until I did some research last night...
  3. Birdbomb

    Sick note: Faking illness online

    Source Sick note: Faking illness online Why would someone fake a serious illness online? Jenny Kleeman on the strange world of Münchausen by internet Jenny Kleeman Keyboard abuse: 'It made me feel so good, spending time with people who cared for me, even if they didn’t know I was a fake.'...
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