simple paritals

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    Newbie here...(focal onset epilepsy) looking to chat

    Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with focal onset epilepsy about 3-4 months ago after a year of being told I had panic attacks/anxiety a little bit of a relief strangely enough. I have simple partial seizures which involve an epigastric rise (I believe thats what they are called)...
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    New Member - Possible Simple Partial

    Hi, My name is Cassie. I'm new to this community. I have a new neurologist who thinks I might have simple partials but is not sure and does not want to jump to conclusions. I went to see him because of longterm left-sided pain in my leg and arm with minor weakness previously attributed to a...
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    4G Cell phone feature and Seizures

    Hello, I'm Mali I'm 32yrs old and I had never had a Seizure in my life until a year ago, a few weeks after i began using my new 4G enabled cell phone. First they began as Simple Partial seizures and slowly progressed to Grand Mal seizures. After the first Grand Mal my husband and I...
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