1. M

    Keppra-SSRI interaction

    Does anyone have any experience with Keppra and SSRIs? I am on 500 mg of Keppra twice a day, as well as 100 mg of Zoloft once a day. Since starting Zoloft, I don't seem to have good control-I'm a lot more likely to twitch/jerk. I have JME, so luckily, that is the extent of my seizures, thus far...
  2. BritishGuy

    Antidepressant use with Keppra

    I've been on Keppra for almost 3 months now, and the last 6 weeks having been a high dose of 1000mg twice a day. At my lower doses, I never noticed any real change in irritability, mood swings or depression. At the higher level, it's really bothering me. I can start crying out of nowhere, I get...