2 truths, 1 lie

Shared ciggi with David Bowie 2had chat with john lennon 3broke my left big toe as a child
Wow you've been around!

1) Know how to ice skate
2) Met Mario Lemieux
3) Been on the Jumbo Tron
Not sure I been around.i was lucky right time and place and David real nice guy John. Of so much
Your lie is 3
Nope it's #2, I've never met Lemieux. I'd love to though!

1) Can play the oboe
2) Had pet opossums
3) Can play the piano
I'll just keep the game going :)

1. I've been for a ride in a helicopter.
2. I've been to see Nirvana in concert.
3. I know most of the lyrics to all the Wiggles songs.
Considering the last Nirvana concert was in 1994, I guess #2
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