2 truths, 1 lie

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#3 is the lie. I have epilepsy, schizoaffective biopolar and mild sleep apnea. :giveup: Hehe, I love these emojis :D

So err, now what?
Let resae have another go.
I had one but forgot it lol
Okay, let's see here.

1) My epileptologist is a nurse practitioner.
2) My mom has 3 cats, all female.
3) I like watching local news every evening.
#2 is a lie

(I'm going for 2 wrong again lol)
Hmm ok

#1 Since I was a teen I'd always wanted to go for a drive in a red convertable, finally got to do that when I was 24 & my eldest brother took me for a drive in his red convertable.

#2 When I was 7 I was running after our dog who had got out, I missed my footing going down the back steps & broke my right foot.

#3 When I was 11 Queen Elizabeth 2 & Prince Phillip were visiting my home town while on tour. My class along with a group of other classes put on a concert for the Queen & Prince Phillip.
Yep, I fell down the back stairs but split my head open & had to have stitches. I've never broken a bone in my body.
1. Just had the whole family out, checking the backyard after I looked out the back window and there was a random guy in my yard. He promptly ran off..
2. Owns a doctor who adult colouring book.
3. Was born in Victoria.
Sadly no :( I nearly jumped out of my skin, we had a lurker....

2. I do not have a doctor who colouring book, I want to though. I can't find the one I want.

M1ssy would you like a go?
1. I've been abseiling in the blue mountains
2. I love nice stationary
3. My grandfather bowled out Don Bradman (cricketer) when my grandfather was a teenager
I going for 3 because my dad went school with him also bowled him out
Number 2 is the lie.
350spider, would you like a go?
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