5 Year Old Girl - New Onset Epilepsy

Thanks lindsayschu,

She is still having the small short ones but the long 60-90 second ones haven't shown up in almost a week! Today a few more smaller ones (2-3 seconds) than normal, usually she has a couple when waking up and we don't see them the rest of the day. Not the case today. Her sleep has been poor though as she is still battling this congestion and cold. I think that has something to do with it.

Calling the doc to see if maybe we should increase the Keppra to see if that helps.

Frustrated but we continue to stay strong and fight this!
Nakamova mentioned nasal congestion can be a side effect of Lamictal--it can also be a side effect of Keppra, along with cold-like symptoms. It was for me in the beginning but it went away. Disrupted sleep can definitely set things back. Good luck and let us know what the dr says.
Has anyone experienced increased seizures with a fever? We had been making good progress and then had a few tough days but she has been running a fever for a few days. Upper respiratory infection (viral) according to the doc. Common virus that has been going around according to him. We took her in to the doctor a couple times over the past few days and they said her chest sounded good but she isn't sleeping because of the cough and the fever is making her groggy. Oh, and the seizures seem to be more active as well.
Fevers/infections/illness are stressors that are known to lower seizure threshold, so they could be having that effect on your daughter. I hope she feels better soon.
Well we had a heck of a ride the past few weeks. My daughter got a nasty virus, then broke out in rash, pneumonia, think she had an allergic reaction to Lamictal. Stopped both Keppra (rage) and Lamictal and started her on Depakote. Initially she did really well as we started at low dose but she is still having her morning "blips" for a couple of hours before the day gets going. Then she is fine the rest of the day. We are still at the low dose, today was her first full dose at the lowest range. She is taking 2.5ml twice a day which is 250mg total. Hoping these little blips stop in the morning as we find the right dose. They went away for like 3 days when she first started on Depakote but then they came back. Frustrating but we still have plenty of room to work with on the Depakote.

Still trying to get control...
If the full dose doesn't do the trick, you could ask her neuro about trying minor adjustments that might helps -- things like moving an evening dose from dinnertime to right before bedtime. Or taking a slightly higher dose at nighttime and a slightly smaller one during the day. Or trying an extended release version. Keep us posted!
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