6-Day Video EEG

Loopy Lou

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Wow i feel your pain, my brain behaved far too well during my VEEG, considering it took pretty much 10 years from diagnosis to have one lol. And my brain certainly misbehaved after i'd got home for a couple of days til the meds were back in my system. I mean, we don't want to have seizures, but i swear those VEEG's try to make liars out of us haha

Army Vet

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Totally agree Loopy Lou. Like we said, we don't want to have a seizure, but when we know we are having them it would be nice to have an EEG record what's going on. Otherwise, like you said, it makes us look like liars 😡 Plus I had to wear that darn thing for 6 days for nothing 😒 Then we turn around and have one when no one is watching us! 😩 Like I said, I was still on all of my meds and had my VNS still on, so the chances (I felt) weren't that great. I "only" have about 2 per month, so if you want to find something, I'd have to wear it for 30 days... no thanks lol. However, get me off of my meds and turn the VNS off, I bet I would have some and I'd only need to wear it for 1 to 2 days. Oh well. He's going to do a sleep study on me next. I haven't slept well for the last few years. I'll "stay asleep" for only 4-5 hours and it's toss-n-turn from there 😒 They didn't see anything on the vEEG (when I was sleeping), but maybe I have sleep apnea, which contributes to my seizures.