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Just thought I would share this information, I found on an alternative medicine site. I was not familiar with this herb. Obviously you wouldn't want to take anything that you did not discuss with a medical doctor.

Several uncontrolled trials in Japan have shown that sho-saiko-to or very similar traditional Japanese and Chinese herbal formulas (all containing bupleurum) can reduce seizure frequency and/or severity in people with epilepsy that does not respond to anti-seizure medications.14, 15, 16, 17 However, double-blind trials are still needed to determine the importance of these findings.
I also didn't know that Vit E was this helpful in seizure control

Vitamin E has been studied as a possible add-on to conventional drug treatment for epilepsy. A double-blind trial found that adding 400 IU per day of vitamin E reduced seizure frequency in children without side effects.22 Other preliminary trials23, 24 have reported similar results, and, while some preliminary research suggested this effect might also be achieved in adults,25 a double-blind trial found no effect of vitamin E supplementation on adults with epilepsy.26
Oh... and once again ... nutrition pops up as an alternative therapy.