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  1. Bernard

    [Research] Yoga may help reduce epilepsy seizures and anxiety

  2. T

    Alternative treatments only? any success?

    Hi again, I was wondering if anybody has had any success while solely using things like dietary changes, vitamin/mineral supplementation, homeopathy, etc, to control seizures and stop them completely? Has it worked to use just these and not meds? We are working to find the best treatment for...
  3. M

    New here -- questions about nocturnal seizures..and no meds

    Hi everyone, I'll try to keep this short. My daughter is 6, and has a complicated history. She developed infantile spasms as an infant which resolved after a brain benign brain tumor was removed. Fast forward....about three years ago we started noticing the occasional nighttime seizure. We...
  4. A

    [Info] Stop seizures with a simple breath exercise

    This breathing exercise has been used by hundreds of epileptics with great success. Start this breathing exercise as soon as you anticipate or feel that something wrong is going to happen with your body and/or mind (before it's too late!). Stress, fear and anxiety often trigger ineffective...
  5. occb

    [Info] Herbs that help?

    I was just thinking about this, because we've discovered that Rooibos tea is particularly effective in helping my partner's nausea. Rooibos doesn't interact with his meds, and may even help with the sporadic muscle spasms he has in the evening. We're putting it to the test tonight. He's been...
  6. G

    Hi, some help please?

    Hi guys, I have just joined this site after looking for somewhere to go on the internet. Basically my friend has been diagnosed with epilepsy and she wanted me to find out as much as possible about it, what happens, what's the best way to control it, etc. I said I would do it as she is not very...
  7. TeeTees

    Homeopathy and E ?

    Anybody had a dabble with Homeopathy ? If so what were the results ?...any good ? What's peoples opinions on Homeopathy ?....I've never tried it, but am willing to give it a bash, just wanted to see if you guys know anything about it first
  8. H

    Alternative therapies

    Has anyone tried other therapies complementary to Drugs.
  9. TeeTees


    Has anybody ever tried any off this stuff ? It's from Herbal Remedies. I've been using it for about 2 months now, and I "feel" as though it could be reducing the after-effects off the seizure....or is a placebo effect ? Anybody else tried it ?
  10. RobinN

    Alternatives Just thought I would share this information, I found on an alternative medicine site. I was not familiar with this herb. Obviously you wouldn't want to take anything that you did not discuss with a medical doctor. I also didn't know that Vit...
  11. speber

    Is there a stigma with alternative therapies?

    Do you think there is a stigma associated with alternative therapies? Are they not receiving adequate 'attention' or funding because they are not socially acceptable? Do you care? If so, what does it take to overcome this?


    In Defense Of 'Disproved' Homeopathy
  13. Bernard

    Horseback Therapy

    For the horse lovers... Horseback therapy gets a boost
  14. Bernard

    Chart of non-prescription (AED) drug treatments for epilepsy

    I've built a simple chart of non-prescription (AED) drug treatments for epilepsy. It's a work in progress though and I'd appreciate any and all feedback. Let me know what you think.
  15. Bernard

    Alternative Treatments/Therapies for Epilepsy?

    At the VNS Therapy seminar, the only treatments that were discussed as being available for epileptics were:drug therapybrain surgerya Ketogenic dietVagus nerve stimulationWhen I asked the nurse practitioner about EEG neurofeedback, she said that the hospital doesn't offer it and she did not...
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