An ambulatory EEG

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I'm going to be having an ambulatory EEG done. Has anyone had them done and what is it like?
AFAIK, it's just like a regular EEG except you can walk around and drag that pole on wheels that carries the machine that is wired to the leads on your head.
That's what it sounded like. She said that you can put the machine in a bag now. You have to try to keep a diary of everything you do. Eat, sit down, watch tv and everything else. This way they know that what showed up on the machine wasn't a seizure but whatever it actually was.

Not sure how many days I'm going to be hooked up but I'm really looking foreword to not being able to wash my hair or take a shower.

I had one 20 years ago, when I had my first seizure, and I'm not sure if I've had one since. This is one of the main reasons I'm getting one now. I had to be put in to a coma for about 3 weeks because the seizures wouldn't stop. My mom said that I had just one big bunch of matted hair from laying on my back not moving for all that time, and glue. She was surprised they got it unknotted and I left with hair that you could comb when I left. I hope it won't be as bad this time, I know it won't though.
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