Any advice on whether this is epilepsy?

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Hello all,

New to this site - this is my first post :)

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on some issues I've been having... The last couple of years, I've been having some unpleasant symptoms occur.

It's mainly my eyesight. Around 70% of the time, my eyes struggle to focus on anything. It's like they move too fast over the scene? They're really strained and can't focus on the everything at once. I have to put my hand right in front of my eyes and focus on it, to help re-focus my eyes, before I can look back at the scene of wherever I am. I can't explain... I feel like I'm going to pass out, or lose control of my body, whilst my eyes are like this.

I can't go into supermarkets, or I will feel very odd and need to get out asap. My eyes hate the lighting, the long aisles and the similar looking food products all stacked together. It's very hard to explain, but I have to get out. I can barely speak to anyone to tell them what's happening, I just need to get out. The same things happen in restaurants and in my room, when I change from the main light to the lamp.

One time, in a restaurant, the waitress was talking to me and I had to push pass her mid sentence, and go into the garden to sort eyes out/head out. It is very embarrassing, as I can't stop it or help myself and feel an urgency to leave before something worse happens?

I've had a few times which I feel were 'near misses,' one night in bed was particularly bad, I couldn't lay down as the feeling of 'losing control' of my body and my eyes were playing up very badly. I finally thought 'ok something is going to finally happen...' when I had this weird hot, pins and needles sensation run through my body but it soon cleared up and calmed down.

When this is happening, I often feel the need to pinch my neck skin or put pressure on my neck and head with my hands to calm myself down and make myself feel more 'normal.' I also can be easily irritated and confused during these times.

It isn't anxiety or panic attacks, although it does get me very panicked when it happens. I've avoided the eye doctor/general doctor because I don't know how to explain what's happening to me. It's getting to the point where I can't do my weekly shop or go out for a meal, watch tv or look at my phone for long periods of time. It's really affecting my life now.

I have booked myself in for a opticians appointment next week, but was wondering if anyone could share if any of their symptoms are similar?

Thanks so much! :banana:
Hi and welcome to CWE;
While those of us here can offer advice and support, we cannot are not doctors and many of your questions DO require the expertise of a doctor to answer. Doctors are very familiar with strange symptoms being difficult to describe, so don't let that stop you from getting the help you need. I would suggest the first step would be to see your general doctor about getting a referral to an ophthalmologist to have your vision issues assessed, and going from there as necessary. Good luck.
Has this come on you find it better using one eye when both open is like pic in one eye super imposed on other eye.If so you should see doc asp
I second the vote to see a doctor. Next time it happens consider going to the ER. There are lots of serious things that could cause the symptoms you describe such as a stroke and should be carefully evaluated.

Normally one wouldn't simply be diagnosed with epilepsy without having at least an MRI and a CT scan first to rule out tumors or other growths in the brain. Typically I've also had an EKG done to rule out heart related issues, and tons of blood work to rule out metabolic issues.
You mentioned supermarkets. Does this vision problem also happen other places where there tends to be florescent lighting? Something you might ask your eye doctor about is photo-sensitivity.

There is a large overlap between people who have photo-sensitivity and people who have photosensitive triggered migraines and even seizures. It's hard from your description to tell which category these fall into.
While it may or may not be a seizure related issue, it sounds like a visit to a neurologist could be a good idea. They should be able to sort out between seizures, migraines, anxiety/depression/bipolar (I know you said it wasn't) and many other things that could cause this issue. Often times a chemical imbalance. So we go back to the first response. See a specialist. ;)
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