Anyone ever hear of "oxidative stress"?

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I'm thinking maybe I've hit on something......Can something called oxidative stress cause, or at least make seizures more frequent? From what little I've dug into it in the last 2 or 3 days on search engines, it has something to do with eating too much processed "food" and rancid vegetable & seed oils in our diets today. From what I can make of it, that can cause many areas of our bodies (including our neuro. systems) to go haywire because they don't get enough decent nutrition and end up being bombarded by....and this is where it still is confusing for radicals. (I'm NO chemist, but I think it has something to do with electrons losing part of their charge somehow, and vitamins like C and D are supposed to help fix things....?) :/ I'm thinking that this might just prove my theory I've had for several decades as far as why my seizures suddenly returned in H.S. and why they seem to have been more intense afterwards then (until I started taking strong anti-oxidants), and why I've been having them m ore often the last few years. -I don't buy the ever popular statement from doctors that the reason I'm having seizures again is because I'm not on any medication. (Do they ever tell people that the reason they're having acid reflux is because they're not eating enough Rolaids, or the reason people are having migraines is because of an aspirin deficiency??) The lack of man's drugs is NEVER the CAUSE for ANY medical issue. (Yes low insulin or sugar can cause problems for diabetics, but those 2 things are given to our bodies by nature -that's different!) Long story short, it's because of something out of balance in your body!
Anywho, can oxidative stress last for years or even decades (I would guess if you never figure out how to rebalance your body)? I wonder how long I have to experiment with anti-oxidants to see results (I'm logically assuming it's more than a week or month -especially if my eating & lifestyle has been out of whack for the last 25 or 30 years.) I can't seem to find any of those natural doctor within distance in my area. Is there anyone else to talk to on this?
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