Anyones seizures affected by vitamin supplements?

Hi all, I love this topic. I have found taking my multi with food is better, and that I spend the money on quality vites now. I want to take Lecithin to help with other issues as well. But I found them to be causing seizures in the past so I am scared to try it now. I do have high cholesterol and some blood pressure issues, so lecithin seems the thing to take. Doctors all say "No it can't be lecithin!" they say there are no studies to prove this, but I did find the University of Amsterdam medical studies found rats have higher potential in seizures with lecithin supplements. But then I can't eat eggs or chocolate, or most foods. I read all ingredients carefully and been doing this for years. It helps a great deal with seizures for me. What can I do? I no longer drive at all so I might start a small experiment while still taking me meds. Any feed back would be appreciated.
We just (yesterday) added magnesium and omega 3 fish oil supplements to Jonathan's regime. No seizures last night, and much calmer today.

Janus, if you aren't already, you might want to try the omega 3 fish oil, as it has some anti-seizure properties to it, is good for healing the brain (from seizure damage), and also significant benefit for cardiovascular issues.

I came across this website while researching omega 3 fish oil for our Jon, and you might find it helpful:

Also, magnesium is good for seizures as well as helping to lower blood pressure.

article on magnesium and blood pressure:

study on magnesium and seizures
Thank you. I already take fish oil (extra) and flax oil. It also helps my genetic cholesterol problems. I take 5 times the recommended amount. Thanks for the post. Magnesuim tends to make me tired, but i try to remember to take it at night.
hello robin.

Hello robin.
I get nosceus and vomiting after taking sync.
See if your supplement has zinc in it.

I am wondering if there is a GI issue. I feel very nauseous when I take certain vitamins.
Perhaps you should try a different brand or see if there is a sustained release variety.
Nausea and vomiting when taking zinc supplements are signs of taking too much. The upper tolerable limit is 40 mg/day for adults (unless prescribed by a doctor who is monitoring the health of the individual).

Taking too much zinc can result in a copper deficiency, which can lead to anemia, and neurological symptoms

Jon's doctor began prescribing zinc for him back in Dec. 2012, as she believed he was showing clinical signs of deficiency, and also for treatment of his chronic diarrhea. It worked great for the diarrhea and perked up his appetite; however, we had to experiment with dosage, because higher doses seemed to trigger night seizures. However, once we got the diarrhea licked, and added in MCT oil, the seizures stopped altogether -- he's been seizure free since late Jan. 2012 except for a couple absence seizures last Sept. following anesthesia. He continues to take zinc supplements, but at a lower dose now.

I notice that I posted up above a couple years ago when we added in fish oil and magnesium. Jon's still taking those, with his neurologist's hearty approval. The fish oil significantly helped with seizures (we experimented when he was having daily seizures with stopping and starting it -- they didn't completely eliminate his seizures, but they certainly reduced them). The magnesium (which should be taken at bedtime) helped dramatically with sleep, and with night seizures. Recommend both highly.
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That sounds great. I am glad to hear your trials and results. Mine is close to that too. Magnesium at night is good for sleep and nocturnal activity. I have found zinc beneficial in more ways than one. But! all my research says not more than about 20 mg. and even that is a lot if it's every day, so i am taking 50 once or twice a week. And this is on top of a killer diet of loads of fresh vegies/fruit every day. And lots of exercise. I do try to take every day a food based multi that is devoid of 'sterate' that my ND said it a toxic preservative. And i notice a big difference with/w.o. these supplements . i have been paying attention to my own trials for decades and i like reading your results, thank you.
hello Coredero, my name is Arseny i have read a lot about seizures, so it could be caused by everythink so it probably could be about vitamin supplements too, but ask that qwestion to your neurologist he may know much more about it!
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