aspartame in milk?


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There is talk now about the Dairy industry petitioning the FDA to let them put unlabeled ASPARTAME, sucralose and other non-nutrative sweetners in all milk and other dairy products without labeling it. I read about the studies that say that stuff can cause "brain seizures" is this a concern to any of us?
Fo most people, aspartame is not a problem. But for people with epilepsy (and migraines) it can potentially be a seizure trigger because it is the same as aspartate acid, a neurotransmitter that excites the brain. MSG can have a similar effect, because it's the same as glutamate, another excitatory neurotransmitter. MSG currently hides under all sorts of names on ingredient lists. It would be unfortunate if aspartame was hidden altogether. If there's any way to oppose the dairy industry's petition, please do so, and let us know how to do the same.
****!!! What these people try to get away with is insane!!! Oh well...the world is already doomed anyway I guess :rolleyes:
i thought they were petitioning against it?
yes there have been loads of petitions. But the dairy industry owns congress. Big factory farms are worse than you think. I go local for my stuff. It is clean of crap.
Here's a simple solution to your problem...DON'T DRINK MILK! DUH!

I quit drinking milk years ago because it causes too many health problems including extreme gastrointestinal distress, intense mucus buildup, and a massive increase in least that is what it was doing to doctor constantly advised against it but I never listened until one day I was just suffering way too much and so I STOPPED and man the difference in my health is HUGE!

All dairy products in general are just bad...but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a piece of cheese every now and then...just stay away from is the major culprit here anyway...

Fortunately my whey doesn't effect me the way milk did...thank god

Now I just use coconut or flax milk...they taste better to me anyway :)
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I haven't experimented much yet, but I'm pretty sure aspartame is a trigger for me.

I have been on the LGIT for about a month. Before that I ate a healthy natural high carbohydrate, low fat diet. I avoided artificial ingredients as much as possible, so I didn't consume aspartame. However, being on the diet (and not having a decent grocery store) has forced me into A LOT of artificial stuff. Even heavy cream has carrageenan.

I tried a couple of those flavored water mixes. All of the ones I can find have aspartame. There was a ton of other stuff in there as well. My simple partials got noticeably worse both times, shortly after consuming it.

Splenda and Truvia seem to be ok, but the jury is out on that. I had some generic saccharine without any problems. Johns Hopkins seems to go with saccharine in their literature.
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