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Interesting piece in the New York Times about a study indicating that -- surprise! -- doctors aren't very good at listening to patients and/or encouraging them to share in the decision-making process.

Patients said they wanted to collaborate in decisions about their care but felt they couldn't because doctors often acted authoritarian, rather than authoritative.

There is some serious problems in South Bend and across the country with Bio/Neurofeedback doctors.... They are attacking military and Intelligence personell
Yeah I find alot of doctors, no matter what type they are, have God Complex. Basically its a "Im the doctor, I know best" but they dont feel what we feel or react how we do, plus some things are hard to explain.
God here - and my ears are burning :)
But its true that sadly , many doctors arent held accountable for their decisions. mortality conferences need to happen more often to make you question your rationale. As for listening to patients , the ones who want to take the time do. the rest are the vast pool of idiots - you may not be able to make them listen but theyll have to if you refuse treatment untill theyve talked to you
Well, I had refused to take Valproate Acid, and my neuro at the time basically said that He was sending me to a different Neuro. So he didnt want to listen and refused to, so he sent me away to not deal with me being so head strong about being involved in my treatment.

The other neuro was just a jerkface.
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