Being tested for ASD as an adult


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As someone who found out pretty late, did it change anything in your life to get the diagnosis? Did people treat you differently, or did you feel any different in yourself?
I got a certain disability benefit that could help me pay for things I could need to make my life easier. Because some things are incredibly exhausting and I need a lot of help, I have a status called "Preferential Reimbursement". This means I get even more cash back on hospital visits, psychological exams or evals, train tickets, .. I get free bus travel too.

Emotionally, hmm. I don't know! I haven't been able to get proper help to explore my needs because I've always had more pressing issues than having autism. I can't quite remember. But it's worth it. Unlike with diagnosing depression or BPD, you don't lose anything being diagnosed with autism. (--> you lose certain credit based things when they think you're at risk for self directed harmful behaviour.)

Loopy Lou

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Ah, i already get a free bus pass for the epilepsy anyway. In the UK if you can't get a driving license for medical reasons you can get a free bus pass. I had to hand mine back right after i got it back when i was 17, boooo.

I'm currently going through the process yet again of appealing my personal independence payment (non means-tested disability payments), but i'm hoping that they'll reconsider now i have this diagnosis too.

I was offered to go to a group for newly diagnosed adults, they said the next one wouldn't be until may or june though. Other than that the only people who know are my mum, my brothers and one friend, and i can't really see that changing.

I can see what you mean, i've not lost anything by being diagnosed and it has helped me make sense of a lot of stuff. Things like not knowing when is the appropriate time to leave a party, or cutting across people when they're talking. I really don't mean to, but i do it a lot and have to remind myself not to.

I sure wish we got free trains here as well as the bus pass. They do over at home in Ireland, but not in England where i'm living now! And man are our trains expensive :O