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I just started taking Briviact and had my first monthly refill. They told me that since it is a controlled substance I can call it in two days before it's due but, so they make sure they have the med in the pharmacy, but I'm not able to pick up my refill until the day the refill is due - when I have only one day's of pills left to take. So if I can't make it to the pharmacy that day then I'm out of medicine until I can get it.

All of the other meds I take -Depakote and Lamictal (and Keppra when I was still taking it), I called in a week and a half to refill them and never had any problems.

Is this something that is done everywhere? I live in Pennsylvania.
Yes I’ve had similar experiences. With Briviact and Onfi. I believe my dr changed the quantity from a 30 day to 60 day prescription. Or something like that. It’s not easy keeping all the refills organized. Maybe you can ask your doctor what can be done.
Good luck 👍
The same thing has happened to me when I get my vimpat. I get a 90 day supply but they won't let me pick it up
before the due date, plus my family Dr. has told me I have to come in for a check up every 3-6 months because I'm
taking a controlled substance. He told me that it was a new law but when I asked to see the paperwork he didn't
have anything and I live in central NY. These drug co. are going crazy increasing the cost of meds and I also have
to show my ID each time I pick up my vimpat but when I get my Diamox or Mysoline there's no problems.
Good Luck to all of you and I wish you only the best. May God Bless You,

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