Can elderberry trigger seizures?

Are you asking after the fact or just as a precaution?

Just anything can be a trigger, but that said I've never heard of elderberry lozenges being high on the list. What else was in the lozenges? Sometimes additives or sugars can cause issues if you're sensitive. If the lozenges also contained zinc (as they often do) that could be problematic (see

And of course, being sick can lower seizure threshold, so if the lozenges are taken to help with a cold, it could be the underlying illness that is the biggest factor.
I'm asking as a precaution. I'm sick (maybe the flu). I haven't had a seizure since I had surgery 27 months ago and would not want to cause one. I didn't know zinc was a seizure trigger.
Especially in moderation, zinc tablets are probably okay, it's just hard to know for sure since everyone's different. When I'm sick or feeling a cold coming on my go-to remedies are c soup grapefruit juice (not together!). I hope you feel better soon.

I take 1,000 mg of vitamin C every day and increase it to 1,500 when I'm sick. Someone told me that elderberry can help when we're sick. But, I don't take anything w/o researching first.
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