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So, it's become very clear that a huge trigger for my seizures is getting very upset or mad. A seizure is guaranteed if I've had a very emotionally upset day. Side note: I've also had this happen after another person emotionally vomits on me; but, thankfully, that's a rare event.

Today was one of those days where I became very upset. I started out several people's day with a complete fire alarm because of forgetting to complete and send an email yesterday. They all went on high alert thinking we would have upset customers, all for naught. My day was started with 45 minutes of checking the system and making sure that everything was fine, and then explaining the mess to everyone - followed by saying "I'm so sorry" about 14,000 times. Afterward, I had to just sit and cry for a few minutes.

So, at dinner, I'm realizing I'm bound for seizure city, probably this evening. Then, I wondered if there's something I can do to just relax everything and not have to disappear from my body and knock whatever to the floor and (new party trick) pee my pants. Or is this just big wishful thinking, and once the path has been laid, I have to walk it?
They do have “rescue” inhalers that you could try. The holidays always get me. Multiple seizures and wet the bed for the first time 🙈. I just get overwhelmed when too much is going on.
Oh, I'll ask about the rescue inhaler - that's a prescription thing, I take it?

What's with the "let's pee all over" thing? Santa's version of giving us coal this year? Sorry, @Heavy Kevy , I'm sure you were golden last year! I definitely did a few things that would earn me some coal, though.

During the holidays, I did have a moment where I recognized a need to head back to my quiet-ish room and take an hour or two not in the whole family eye. In fact, it was at the end of one of the days when we had extra family here that I had a seizure and peed. That wasn't from any big negative emotion event. It was just more social and out of routine events. Is it a common occurrence that out of routine can bring on more seizure activity? That is, if it doesn't mean not getting sleep? I was still in my house the whole time, and with small children here, there is plenty of quiet time at the end of the day. But the added chaos, and that I was sick, that seemed to do it.

No seizure, yet, but I feel it lurking. Maybe I'll just get it out of the way in sleep. Such is life.
I wish I could tell when I'm going to have a complex partial seizure--mine occur w/o any aura. One may even occur within a few hours of taking a dose my meds. A few weeks ago, for example, I had 3 occur in 1 day, & I was just sitting on the sofa w/my mother. During one, I was talking & drinking tea. My back STILL hurts from falling off the chair during the complex partial seizure I had this past Sunday at my husband's friend's house.
Hi Pinkattitude,

My Dr. told me to do cold water therapy and that works great. When you start to get stressed out just
put a cold washcloth on your face and the back of your neck this in turn calms the neurons down in the brain
and stops the seizures. It works really good. If you are at work just splash some cold water on your face and
see if that helps. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You@

NAYZILAM® (midazolam) nasal spray, CIV is a prescription medicine used for the short-term treatment of seizure clusters (also known as acute repetitive seizures)

I’m not sure how close together SZ’s would have to be to considered it a“cluster”
My Dr said, “Fire at will, use it whenever you want”. 😵‍💫. I tried it once. My seizures were about 24 hours apart. So it’s hard to say.
I wish I could tell when I'm going to have a complex partial seizure--mine occur w/o any aura.
It did occur to me that my post was pining for a very selfish thing given the number of people who do not get a warning that a seizure is impending.
I hope your back feels better soon ❤️

My Dr. told me to do cold water therapy and that works great
This would be a really good idea for me! The day of the upset, I was working from home. I could have taken a cold shower, or laid on my bed with a cold cloth. Thanks!

My Dr said, “Fire at will, use it whenever you want”. 😵‍💫.
I want to go to your neurologist - sounds like they have a sense of humor, at least (y)
Since at least half of my seizures occur when I'm falling asleep (reason to be awake at work!), I really don't know how many days in a row I have seizures. My husband reports they can be twice a week or every other week. I've never heard the docs say seizure clusters in association with mine, so that may disqualify me for this med right away. But I'll ask!
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