Can Keppra cause arthritis?

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I take Keppra and I want off of it really bad. I've been on it for over 15 years. I'm reading over all the side effects and marking down the ones that I have, which are a lot. Joint pain is one of them and I don't know if arthritis can be considered joint pain?

I'm 45 and I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck. Everyone says that I'm too young to have arthritis. My grandma had arthritis very bad all through her body, including her neck. I don't know if arthritis can be hereditary.
I wonder why Keppra (and some of the other AEDs) can cause joint pain -- is it nerve-related or does it have a direct affect on joints and muscles? Or maybe it's because it can lower Vitamin D levels, which can cause joint pain? (If you don't take a D supp, you might ask your doc about it.)

I think arthritis has genetic components, but it's usually only a contributing factor along with things like lifestyle/diet/aging. Osteoporosis is another one that's part genetic, part other factors.
From the tests that the dr did, and if I understand him right this is what's happening to me, I got this description from a web site:

'Narrowing of the spinal canal and/or the spinal nerve root passages in your neck. When this narrowing occurs, your spinal cord and/or nerves may become compressed and cause symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in your neck, shoulders, and extremities.'

I do take vitamin D
I wouldn't doubt it. I feel like Keppra has sapped my nutrients dry. I'm working hard to get everything back on track, but it feels hopeless sometimes. I've had much joint pain in my life after taking AED's - even being on different ones. I also do largely believe that Vitamin D deficiency can play a major role in joint pain, too. Joints need much more than that, though. Many nutrients work together like vitamin D, calcium, boron, phosphorous, etc. collagen can be useful for some, same with L-Lysine. I guess it all depends on what our bodies are needing.

Joint pain can happen without arthritis. On the other hand, joint pain is a symptom of arthritis. Only a doctor could tell you for sure.

If people think you're too young to be getting arthritis then tell these people about juvenile arthritis. When I was in Jr. High, I knew a girl that played clarinet and some days, she had difficulties because of her arthritis. Juvenile arthritis can often times be worse than it is for adults.
I'm in a group and we to get acupuncture done to see what it was like. I told the acupuncturist that I had arthritis in my neck so he put some of the needles in spots that he said would help it. When I went to bed that night, Thursday, my neck still hurt. When I woke up the next morning it didn't hurt at all. It's Sunday now and it still hasn't hurt, not even a little bit.

I have therapy that I'm going to and I'm going to stop because I don't think it's doing any good, I don't think it was doing any good to begin with though. I'm going to stop in and see the acupuncturist and find out how things work with it and see if he thinks that I should come back for more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will keep working.
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