Chiari and Seizures

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Does anyone here have any Chiari malformations? Do you think they might be tied to your Epilepsy issues?

Chiari malformations are abnormalities in teh back of the head where the brain and spinal cord connect. Many different types, but they basically all relate to issues during birth or early childhood.

My MRI's show a Chiari-1 malformation...which the doc said, "Droopy Brain." Which I thought was, "Well that could explain..." before I could get that thought out, the doc said, "It has no relationship to your seizures."

My searches through the Google jungle show nothing linking the two directly, but there does seem to be a high percentage of people with Chiari malformations diagnosed with Epilepsy.

In short, I'm wondering what your story might be.
I think we've had a couple of members with Chiari malformations (See

Epilepsy and chiari malformations do share certain similarities: A range of neurological symptoms that can vary widely from person to person; a cause that might be genetic or traumatic or unknown; no set age of onset -- some people experience symptoms their entire lives, while others develop them in their thirties.

A connection seems likely, but the science isn't there yet. So your doctor's statement is accurate up to a point, but not necessarily definitive. There are some studies exploring the connection:

You might be able track down other seizure/chiari folks here:
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