Concentration issues after TLE seizure.

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Hello everyone! I'm Laura. I'm 29 years old, from Boise, Idaho, and have been having issues with temporal lobe epilepsy since I was 17.

Yesterday morning I had a simple partial seizure followed an hour later by a complex partial seizure. Both seizures presented normally for me --the simple partial with intense feelings of deja vu and fear and the complex partial with staring and inability to communicate with my coworkers.

However, my postictal period lasted much longer than normal. It took about 6 hours before I was feeling like myself again. When I woke up this morning, I felt fine, but within an hour of starting work I'm feeling off again. I can barely concentrate, I'm having trouble remembering certain words, and I keep jumbling my sentences. Even my boss has picked up on my altered state.

I'm curious if anyone else with TLE has had extended periods of confusion after a seizure. Is this normal or should I be concerned.
Hi Laura, welcome to CWE :)

I have TLE, but generalise into a secondary tonic clonic after a really short aura.

But, the same as you- I have a 'usual' kind of recovery time, and effects the next day, but sometimes one will just really knock me for 6 and I'll be much more 'broken'- and it will take a lot longer to get myself together, and I'll be feeling a lot more messed up for a few more days longer as well.

I think quite a few people on here have chatted about sometimes getting heavier/longer lasting side effects than usual, so I'd say it's quite common. The effects you've described certainly sound similar to mine, the day after..

Hopefully someone with more knowledge on the subject will be along shortly ;)
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I definitely know that feeling the day after- when things are fine at first when all I have to do is sip coffee and stay in bed, but by the time I'm at work doing nasty work things my brain just goes to jelly.

Make a note of it in your seizure diary, and if it starts happening more frequently, make sure you let your neurologist know. E can change, and we can become tolerant to our meds etc, so it's important to record any anomalies like this.
I absolutely will record it -- thanks for the tip!

My coworkers are laughing right now at the "brain goes to jelly" comment. I've been pretty useless today. They're so understanding, though. They keep asking me how I'm feeling every five minutes. Their concern is heartwarming.
That's really nice, they sound like the team at my last job- I wouldn't have made it for so long without their support :)
Hi LL --

Just wanted to add my welcome to Slim's. And I second the idea of tracking your seizures in a seizure diary. It can help to find patterns or triggers that may be playing a role in you seizures. And if you notice that your seizures are progressing in kind, frequency or duration, it's a good idea to check in with your neuro.
I have been using and have found it to be helpful in gathering information about my sons seizure-like episodes. He hasn't been officially diagnosed, but hopefully tomorrow's visit to a Level 4 epilepsy center will give us answers.
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