1. Matthew74

    Keppra and concentration

    I've been off Keppra for a month or two. I was only on 375mgs a day. My clarinet playing has improved markedly. Over the fall, when I had better seizure control than now because of the Ketogenic diet, I was a disaster. I couldn't focus, got distracted, and had no musical imagination...
  2. L

    Concentration issues after TLE seizure.

    Hello everyone! I'm Laura. I'm 29 years old, from Boise, Idaho, and have been having issues with temporal lobe epilepsy since I was 17. Yesterday morning I had a simple partial seizure followed an hour later by a complex partial seizure. Both seizures presented normally for me --the simple...
  3. D

    Hi from the UK!

    My name is Daren and I live in Kent in the UK. I'm 41 and am a Graphic Designer, self employed. I'm married, with two lovely teenage daughters and (don't tell them this, but) two even lovelier Border Collies!! <joke>. And a budgie! I am very work focused - I have a very responsible position...
  4. M

    Temporal lobe -Memory & Concentration problems?

    Hi, I am being investigated for TLE. I had an EEG and an MRI and they both came back negative. I have seen one consultant and she is sending me to someone else for a second opinion. I am still experiencing these weird episodes that come on suddenly, i feel a bit nauseous & i feel really weird...