Did Canadian reporter Jessica Robb have a complex partial seizure while live on air?


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Canadian journalist Jessica Robb can be seen slurring her words in the news broadcast, looking increasingly unsteady.

She finishes up her segment, before apologising to her co-host Nahreman Issa in the studio.

Robb said: "Sorry, Nahreman, I’m not feeling very well right now, and I’m about to…”

Robb's eyes lose focus and she seemed to stumble, before her co-host assured her she would get the help she needed.

Video available here:

It looks to me like she might have had a complex partial seizure on air following an aura. There's no official report on what happened though.
Looked like something happen, hope she’s ok.

There was an Aussie sports reporter (Formerly Australian Rugby Player) Wally Lewis who had a simple partial seizure on air in 2006. Turned out he’d had epilepsy for years, ended up having surgery in 2007 at same hospital I go to by same surgeon

I think he’s seizure free and patron and ambassador for the Queensland epilepsy association
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I remember a similar thing happening to an on-air reporter a few years ago. I think her episode was diagnosed as a severe migraine.
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