Epilepsy and a vegan diet

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My boyfriend and I recently watched a movie called "Forks over Knives" and it really opened our eyes to what we are eating and the changes we should make. My only concern is will this affect my epilepsy in any way and or the medication I'm taking. Is anyone here a vegan coping with epilepsy and are there any precautions I need to take with a vegan diet? Your help and input is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
The biggest problem with vegetarian diets is becoming defecient in B12, Iron, and not getting complete amino acids like one gets from meat.

If you're going full vegan, and cutting out eggs/milk/cheese etc. then also watch for low levels of calcium.
I am a vegetarian but I tried a vegan diet for 3 months when I was trying out an anti-inflammatory diet recommended by a naturopath.
She supplemented my diet with calcium, magnesium, D and B vitamins and some other nutritional supplements that were meant to cleanse and aid my intestines.
I lost alot of weight. It was very difficult to maintain with having 3 kids and cooking for us all and also difficult to eat out at restaurants.
I found that my body loved not eating corn, dairy, processed foods and caffeine. And possibly wheat. I found out that I like quinoa.
I have returned to my vegetarian ways which includes eggs and fish (I'm an ovo-lacto-pescatarian! There are words for everything) but I have continued to avoid drinking milk and yogurt although I find alot of people like to make meals for me with cheese so I make allowances here and there.
I have ended up with my electrolytes out of wack sometimes (potassium, calcium and magnesium) so I have to be careful. If you eat too much soy some people say that increases your estrogen levels which increases seizures if you are vulnerable to hormone levels I believe.
I think it also depends on which drugs you are taking because some drugs can make you vulnerable to certain deficiencies.
Do alot of research and listen carefully to what your body is telling you.
Good luck!
I have found that I love quinoa and I'm not a huge meat eater to begin but the thing that worries me is the soy part you said sincey seizures normally arise when my hormone levels change specifically during my period or pms. The other thing I worry about is not having caffeine. I am an avid coffee drinker I need the caffeine or the migraines come along. Is it possible to still drink coffee? I am currently taking tegretol xr which depletes my bodies iron level and vitamin b12 levels however I am currently taking a multi vitamin which is helping.
Some people aren't bothered by caffeine, and don't find it to be a seizure trigger. If that's the case for you, then there's no reason to cut it out of your diet (especially since it keeps the migraines at bay!).
Vegan for two years

Hi! I have been vegan for two years, and my seizures have reduced in both frequency, duration, and intensity. You can do it, you don't need special supplements, and you get enough protein and vitamins from eating a good, whole foods diet. For great information, check out the book: The China Study, written by by T. Colin Campbell (who was in Forks Over Knives). People who become deficient in certain vitamins on a vegan diet aren't eating enough good, whole foods, which Dr. Campbell explains in the book. Just because it's technically vegan doesn't mean it's healthy, for instance: potato chips and a soda are vegan!
Hi, I am veg now for almost 30 years and find that my body does best on this diet. Continual, excessive soy does seem to cause seizure activity for me, but I can do dairy. Eggs are bad for me. Coffee is an all-day, every day event for me and seems to have no bad effects. I love the mention about watch what you eat because I found junky food makes me feel horrible. I found that more raw fruit and veges give me energy, bread (even whole,organic stuff) seems to be my downfall but I smoke too so who worries about that?
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