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Do you have a favorite Neurologist...Epileptologist...Neurosurgeon...or Pediatric Doctor that you'd like to recommend?

If so, please write down their name, specialty, hospital affiliation (if you know it), city and state. It will be added to the Comprehensive List which is a real help for others.

Thanks very much!
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Beverly S Wical, MD
Neurologist with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
200 University Ave E
Saint Paul, MN 55101
(651) 290-8707

She is my favorite peds neurologist. She listened to everything we said our concerns and goals and never let one go by without being acknowledged. She is wonderful if you are looking for alternatives to meds such as the keto diet or surgery. She truly cares about your whole child and just not the E.
After having been told repeatedly that "Its just stress" I found a doctor who took the time to really look into my situation. We haven't always seen eye to eye but he's a good doctor!

Dr. Martin Veilleux
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital
3801 University Street,
Montreal, Quebec,
Canada H3A 2B4
Tel: 514-398-6644 Epilepsy Clinic ext 1976
My neurologist is a great doctor and great man. Makes me feel completely at ease, and takes the time to listen. I've been seeing him for 7 years now and I hope I'll never have to change.

Dr. Doug Eggertson
St. Boniface Clinic
343 Tache Avenue, R2H 2A5
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Do you have a list for doctors to avoid?

The last neurologist I had told me all the side effects of the medication I was on were in my head, and he refused to switch me to another med. Condescending, air of superiority, and always acted like he had somewhere better to be.

OMG... that's what my doc does to me! He's said side effect after side effect was all in my head. So I've started printing out the package insert and bringing it to my appointments. He also says my auras aren't auras when they last more than a few minutes - they are something else. Well, I found an exact description of my auras in an epilepsy textbook (feeling of forboding & kind of a buzzing in my head), including length (up to all day or several days). I've printed it out & will bring it to my next appointment. He rushes out, too, but it's not a god complex or anything. He is just overloaded.

I like my doctor - he's a good guy and cares about his patients. He's also incredibly smart. I just wish his mind was a little more open, didn't schedule appointments so tightly (we only have 10 min, really need 20), listened a little better. Then he'd be perfect. I really think all those things are a function of the limited time with his patients and the pressure he's under.

If anybody had a problem with diagnosis, or with finding the right combo of meds, I'd definitely recommend him. Like I said - extremely smart.

He's already on all the major lists.
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