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FDA said:
Our MedWatch Online form is available to you for the voluntary reporting of serious adverse events, potential and actual medical product errors, and product quality problems associated with the use of FDA-regulated drugs, biologics, devices, and dietary supplements.

FDA Medwatch (1-800-FDA(322)-1088)

If you have experienced serious side effects to a treatment (whether a drug or medical device) that were never disclosed or discussed, it's probably because the FDA is not aware of it. You may be able to help others be more informed with their choices by submitting a report to the FDA.

freshinia said:
So many times we make comments about what the AEDs are doing to us that may seem odd. Have you ever reported it to the FDA medwatch? I did not even know this existed until today. I wrote the FDA regarding the bone loss I have experienced in taking the current medication I am on, explaining that no one has ever told me I could experience this. They said in their reply that has not been found at this point but to post it in their medwatch and if they start to see a trend, they would look into helping us as consumers. So...think about helping out if you're wondering about a side effect.

http*//www.epilepsyfoundation.org/efforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=3&threadid=30864&enterthread=y (no longer works)
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MedEffect Canada-Report Adverse Effects

Consumers/patients and health professionals can report adverse reactions (also known as side effects) to health products, including prescription and non-prescription medications, biologics (including fractionated blood products, as well as therapeutic and diagnostic vaccines), natural health products and radiopharmaceuticals, to the Canada Vigilance Program.

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