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As you can see from my previous post, I had my first seizure in May out of nowhere, I had no history of them whats so ever . which spiraled into 4 all of 2020, I have since got them partially under control with Lamotrigine/Lamictal started at 150mg now I'm on 200mg. The only things I have now are strong feelings that are unexplainable or dizzy spells. I go to Mayo Clinic they have been a great place for me, they have run every test even experimental ones on me to get my Sezuires under control. which brings me to the thing that makes me helpless,

I have an identical twin that has Seizures as well his started way before mine when he was 28. he first was on Kepraa which didn't work for him even on 5,000mg so he switches to Lamictal which worked for him completely, his seizures stopped he only has one last year due to stress after that none. but he complained about the side effects which only were drowsiness, and a little memory loss blips, which I told him was fine he just had to let the medicine get in his system. but no he wanted to get back Keppra he doesn't have the best doctors in his state they just brush him off or not help him at all. but he doesn't listen to me when I tell him to find better doctors. he just makes complaints about how he can't, so now he has been having at least 3-5 seizures a day every week and refuses to change either back to Lamictal or any other med.
I don't know what i can do to help as im in another state.

Which his Seizures he goes into this speaking gibberish then afterward don't know who he is or where he is at. after sometime he's back to himself and asking me what happened. after a few of these Seizures they transform into grandmals i just feel like im helpless to do anything to help him, since he wont listen.


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Hey bestman,

I'm sure you've told him, but if his seizures are uncontrolled there's a likelihood that they will progressively get worse. And he could potentially be putting himself or others in danger. But it sounds like your brother won’t change his mind if he hears it from you (even though you have the experience to back it up). Are there friends or other family members that he would be more likely to listen to?