Feeling my VNS

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I got my second VNS in 2013. I noticed over the last month that I'll feel it go off. It's like when you get the settings changed on the VNS. Once you get used to it gong off then you don't feel it anymore. I'm not sure what the settings are on my VNS but I know I'm not feeling it every time it goes off because only happens every so often a day. It's not real strong, just a slight tingle.

I don't know if anyone else has had this happened. I see my neuro in a month and I'm going to tell him about it.
Once the VNS device has settings, it is rare a patient will feel them but every once in awhile they might feel the timing. I've been my own advocate with the VNS before the surgery as we started talking about it. What I discovered with the VNS when the device was very first put in place 2008 we had to find the right settings which did take a little bit of time and like you I did feel a bit of a bite. Once that first bite came about there was no longer any further type of activity. I did experience a bite-like feeling when making use of the magnet years ago but that no longer takes place as the vagus nerve became use to having the device timing.

I log notes of everything that take place whether it is the VNS, DBS or something else acting odd just so the epileptologist is aware of what's going on when we next meet. I do make note of month and day then will make note if the same activity happens again as something like this has come about for a VNS reading to take place. I am someone that constantly keeps up with activity in this area just to be sure all is good.

Hope that all things go well and stay well with your health.
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