Finally got my diagnoises and....

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Hi Everyone!
Well, I finally got the big diagnoises.. left temporal complex partial seizures. After all this time of trying to figure out what was wrong with me after I had my last stroke and searching for answers and going to doctors..I really wanted to find out what was wrong with me and put a "name" to it. As a nurse, I'm always trying to figure out what is wrong with my patients and doing everything I can to fix it. We in the medical field are very big on putting "names" to things and I'm no exception, so I really thought having my "name" would give me this tremendous relief. Well, it didn't (big sigh). I guess part of it is that it's not gonna be a quick fix.
I'm now on Keppra 1000mg twice a day and Tagretol 400mg three times a day. My seizures have slowed down quite significantly (from 3-5 a week to 3-5 a month), but my doc told me that it could be another year or more before my seizures are controlled enough for me to be able to drive and go back to work. ARRRGH! I soooo want my life back! I was hoping if the docs had a "name" for what was wrong with me..they could just write me a script for what was wrong with me and "POOF"...I would be all better! I know, I know..I'm a nurse and I should have known better, but that didn't keep me from feeling that way. LOL Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to be patient just a while longer (not one of my stronger points). ;)
Take care everyone and God Bless!
Awww, Blue

I'm so sorry. But at least you have the answer now....But we're going to be here for you no matter what.

Make sure you keep a journal, it will help you find any triggers...

Take care!

It is too bad that it can't be cured like a cold but I think it's so great that they've at least defined what the problem is. As a nurse you know that means that now starts the part where it can be properly addressed.

You may have to try a few AED's before they find one that works best for you. It's hard but don't get too disappointed when one doesn't work or the side-effects are just too much.

Also, I've known a few nurses & I've found that the best ones are the ones that empathise with having been the patient once or twice.

Best Wishes to You.
A diagnosis is hard to celebrate, but a patient never is. Give yourself credit for hanging in there, and weathering the stress of not knowing.

No a name 2 it doesn't make it go away but at least it isn't a mistery any more! Do a little research on them and you'll find alot that can help! And never forget the people in you life and on this site are here when you need us!
Did your doctor discuss with you any information about how nutrition plays a role in neurological disorders?
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