Finally off Keppra!

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I'm finally completely off Keppra and taking Briviact instead! I started feeling so much better when I was weaning off of Keppra. The small side effects were going away and I didn't feel like I needed to punch a wall or cry about something every hour. I feel like dancing now! I really hope I don't have any problems with Briviact because I don't think I'd be able to handle Keppra again!
That's great! Briviact is similar to Keppra but the side effects are supposed to be milder. Of course, everyone tolerates drugs differently so you never know. Anyway, hope it works for you!
I'm doing great so far on Briviact and my family thinks I am too. There are so many things that I'd would have normally blow up or start crying about but they don't even seem to really bother me at all now. Many of the side effects that I'm pretty sure were caused from Keppra are gone too! I hope it stays this way!
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