For those with nocturnal seizures

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If you live/sleep alone, and don’t have any gadgets for this purpose, in what ways do you know that you’ve had a nocturnal seizure?
Hi Rheaceleste,

I had nocturnal seizures until I was put on vimpat and then they stopped. I could tell each time I had a seizure
because if I was asleep at night and had one I would wake up in the morning and feel exhausted for a good amount of
the day and if I had one in the evening I would feel the same way and sometimes I would get a wicked headache that would
last for hrs. I wasn't sure at first what was going on so I called my neuro and she did a sleep study and e.e.g. on me along with
a e.k.g. all at the same time. I had to stay overnight in the hospital and that's when she saw I was having about 2 seizures in the
morning before I would wake up but once I was put on vimpat along with mysoline the seizures stopped but I still have absence
and complex partial seizures that I have every month.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

I'm struggling with seizures at night :( I figure that's a reason behind a lot of my "sleep for 12 hours and wake up feeling like I haven't slept a wink." I've also woken up feeling shaky and like I had no muscle strength whatsoever and I just knew that I must've been having a seizure. I have also had nights like a year or so ago now where I would be laying in bed, and I knew I was tremoring and everything, but I couldn't sit up and I couldn't stop it and I'd lay there helpless because no one was awake to help. My husband is pretty on top of it, but I worry about him not getting sleep because I'm having issues. It has been an uphill battle.
I have seizures while I'm asleep and one way that I know I've had one is that I've chewed my mouth. I'll also pee myself during a seizure so I've stated sleeping with a pee pad on the bed.

There are other ways I know I've had a seizure in my sleep. Once I'd woke up and there was a hole in the lamp shade on my night stand, I must have had a seizure in my sleep and punched it. One of the most recent ones I woke up with black and blue marks all over my face, I looked like I was in a boxing match and lost. I don't know what all happened during it because I woke up in bed and didn't see what my face looked like until I looked in the mirror.
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