Game: Tower of Babel (variation)

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Dutch mom

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This Tower of Babel variation is a simple game to test our language knowledge as a group and learning words in new languages at the same time.

One starts the game or a new part of the game with a (small) picture of a word + the word in English.




The next person replies with the word in a language one knows + mentions the language between (...)

Of cause without looking it up, don't cheat and spoil!


church (English)

= best to keep the first one easy/general like 'church', when giving the word 'cathedral' you just make it more difficult to make a longer line.

Next answers with f.i.

kerk (Dutch)

= an answer I could post

Next f.i.

Kirche (German)

Next f.i.

église (French)

Next f.i.

iglesia (Spanish)


chiesa (Italian)


kerki (Snanan Tongo)

= answer I could post thanks to having a stepdad from Surinam


kósciól (Polish)

= answer assuming someone knows some Polish...


kirkko (Finnish)

Do we have any Finnish members? Guess not but maybe someone has a Finnish friend or Finnish family, studied Finnish, did his/her placement in Finland or... one never knows.

When no one knows any other foreign translations anymore, a next person posts a new picture and it starts all over.

I'll start with a new pic in the reply. Who will take up the challenge?!
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apfel (german)
pomme (french)
manzana (spanish)
mela (italian)
Hi Dutch Mom.

I can hardly speak English, LOL...this is a hard one!
Hi Dutch Mom.

I can hardly speak English, LOL...this is a hard one!
Haha me too JJR
But Im going to follow this post as it will be interesting to learn the different languages
CQ ...I grew up hearing my parents talk Italian, but I had no idea what they were talking about. :ponder:
Sorry Dutch Mom, but CQ and me high jacked your thread for a moment.

Sorry :noevil:
Oh my, you American's... why oh why are your languages so poor? Why you don't know apple is pomme in French and manzana in Spanish? You have so many pomme based foods! Canada and Mexico are your neighbors? No Spanish and Italian while so many Spanish US citizens have Italian roots?

Nakamova :clap:for you!

Okay... one by one might be to much to ask for...

Words for Aloha's Dog (English) I know are ->

Hond (Dutch)
Chien (French)
Hund (German)
Perro (Spanish)
Cane (Italian)
Dagu (Sranan Tongo)
Kachó (Papiamento)
Pes (Czech)
Hûn (Frisian)



Bread (English)
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Dutch Mom, I'm afraid you'll outdo us every time, at least most of us in the US. Usually we're only required to learn one language in school. I only know a few basics from travel and other encounters.

pain (french)
pan (spanish)
pane (italian)
brot (german)
brod (danish)

(I bet the Dutch word is similar to the Danish and German, but not gonna guess...)
Brood (Dutch)
Brede (Sranan Tongo)

I am sorry if the game is too difficult. I presumed many people in the US would know at least some Spanish and maybe some Italian en French words.

I learned basic English, German and French at high school for 8 years and choose all languages as exam subjects.

Nowadays all Dutch kids learn English at primary and high school, English is an obligated High school examination subject on all school levels. French and German we learn for at least 3 or 4 years on just the higher high school levels and 2-4 years the lower level language oriented education.

I do know a little bit (just some basic words) Papiamentu and Saran Tongo, because these countries were Dutch colonies and we do have many Dutch citizens born there who speak the languages, my stepdad (since I was age 7) is from Surinam and so a big part of our family is too. And my dad's second wife was from the Czech Republic. Frisian is a second language just spoken in the Dutch province Friesland.
Friend (English)

Sham (Irish English, proper English sorry could not resist) :roflmao:

Cara/Chara (Irish)
There is more than one way of saying friend in Irish.

Ami (French)
Vriend (Dutch)

Freon (Frisian)

Freund (German)

Kompe, Mati (Sranan Tongo)

Amigo (Spanish)

Amico (Italian)

Amigu (Papiamentu)

Teman (Indonisian)
water =

shui (chinese)
agua (spanish)
acqua (italian)
whiskey (scottish gaelic) [technically "uisge"]
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