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Oh my, you American's... why oh why are your languages so poor? Why you don't know apple is pomme in French and manzana in Spanish.
Nakamova :clap:for you!
I know the same ones Nak does with a smattering of a bunch of others due to having taught ESL to foreign students for many years and lots of travel. I just can't figure out how to get a picture to paste in the thread.:ponder:
AlohaB, I just copy and paste form Google Images. Sometimes pics are protected and copy-paste doesn't work, than I choose another one. But with most of them copy-paste does work without any problem.

Wasser (German)

Watra (Sranan Tongo)

Just copy-paste with your right mouse click Aloha, I just did directly from the page you linked to...

Liefde (Dutch)
Liebe (German)
Amore (Italian)
Amor (Italian)
Amour (French)
Livda (Sranan Tongo)

maus (german)
souris (french)
topo (italian)

I'll first do church:

kerk (Dutch)

Kirche (German)

église (French)

chiesa (Italian)

iglesia (Spanish)

ekklesía (Greek)

tserkov' (Russian)

and than go further with candy

Süssichkeiten (German)

bonbons (French)

caramelo (Spanish)

caramella (Italian)

karaméla (Greek)

sweet sannie (Sranan Tongo)
It ok us Welsh get forgotten by everyone but English experts forgetting us
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