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Zeeland is also the name of one of the twelve Dutch provinces, famous for its mussel cultivation.

A - America, small village in the Dutch province Limburg, about 2100 inhabitants and 800 houses, known for an archeological flintstone site out of the Palaeolithic period.
Yes I think I got it wrong,I just happened catch a bit of documentary and map looked Danish.

Birmingham famouse of Cadberry checks and more canals than Holland or Venis
St James Gate Dublin, a very important part of Ireland.
A seaside town 260kms North of Perth Western Australia Its fishing fleet produces seasonal yummy Rock Lobster..
Madurodam (The Hague, Netherlands), Holland in miniature.

Melbourne Australia famouse never ending soap neighbours
Haha that's funny, there are 2 long running tv soapies
Neighbours which has been going since 1985 & is filmed in Melbourne
Home and Away has been going since 1987 & is filmed in Sydney
I rather have tooth out than having watch that total crap.I used watched neighbours back in 80s plus another load garbage country practice.
Off to luxenberge this week and I know nothing about place I in sweat worrying about getting to Gatwick through pass port court control
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