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Sydney, NSW Australia

Capital of New South Wales (state in Australia), famous for the harbour bridge & opera house. Also where the 2000 Summer Olympics was held

Tooting. Part of London. St George's hospital where Jenner found vaccine to combat small pox and my son lived there not far from Wimbledon and Richmond
Just want add little bit knowledge to dutchmom my town Lowerstoft is still at war with Holland there 300 year old cannon that are turned to face Holland no treaty was ever signed the last battle was battle of Lowerstoft ....learn something everyday but I bet Dutch don't know we still at war:)
The US of A. Famous for "Mom and apple pie" as well as clownish politicians in the circus called an election.
Strabane, (pronounced strah-bahn), a town in Northern Ireland, in County Tyrone :)
Texas, USA. Famous for big steaks, big hats, big belt buckles, heck everything is bigger in Texas or so they tell me.

My own pretty country :D

Edit - ok technically a province, but since Ulster IS NI and U's are hard to come by, you'll let me off, right?
Verona, New York

Verona is a town in Oneida County, New York, United States. The town was named after Verona, Italy. The Town of Verona is in the western part of the county and is west of the City of Rome.
Xanadu, Utah, USA. Not known for much of anything. One of those little towns I drove through once on my way to somewhere else. It's a pretty area though. Near the Salt Lake.
Amsterdam, famous for it's canals, the red light district, Rembrandt's Night Watch, the Van Gogh museum, it's liberal soft drugs policy and coffee shops, the many bicycles, the Gay Parade and Artis Zoo.
Calais (France), famous for travelling between France and England (Dover), location of 'The Jungle', one of the biggest refugee camps in Europe.
Not any more French burnt it down they in shipping containers

Darby capital town of sorry iPad won't allow me to say name of county famouse for the peeks district Midlands area of England common to have goitres lack of iodine very beautiful
Evergreen, CO, west of Denver amidst evergreens
Fiesta Island. Located in the bay of the city of San Diego, Fiesta island was created by dredging the harbor (they had to put the sludge somewhere). Now it is a lovely undeveloped area which is an off-leash dog park.
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