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So true I love Ireland

Jamaica Rum the limbo dance sunshine Sidney Poitier
La Jolla, California. Famous for some of the best surfing in SoCal. And overpriced shopping.
Majorca. One island in the med famous for Brits and Germans holidays getting totally twated every night
Newport Beach, California. Kind of in between Los Angeles and San Diego. Has a beautiful harbor with lots of sailboats. Where the "pretty people" of LA keep their boats.
Paris. Eiffel Tower snails frog legs drop dead gorgeous cream cakes wonderful history and French people who get miffed if you don't speak french
Quakertown, Pennsylvania--- town in U.S. where Quakers first settled.
Seine (Paris), famous for it's river banks (on Unesco's World Heritage list because of the many famous buildings), famous for the Paris bridges, praises sung in many famous songs.
Alephbet out of cinque Dutch mum done p s up to t

Tunbridge Wells. Famouse town in Kent famouse for Tunbridge wear wood carving very collectable and worth alot
Venice ........famous for canals gondola rich history st Marks square most expensive cup coffe in Europe bridge of sighs where many took there last walk before excution it surpose be very haunted
Willemstad (Curacao, Caribbean Islands) famous for the Dutch houses.

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Xade, Botsuana (Africa) Was the ancestral home of a group of bushmen who were displaced when the Kalahari game reserve was created. Lots of court battles. Not sure if that ever got settled.
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