Geography A-Z

Anchorage, Alaska-- named for the anchor at the mouth of Ship Creek,
also one of FedEx's main hubs (My ex is a pilot and used to fly in and out of ANC)
Bosnia.....famous being part of yogoslavia had a war and coming into Eu soon
Darsham it near me Suffolk uk.It got best bird watching reservation I think in uk.lots of Dutch come do bird watching one pub Americans love it as being quintessential English village .The area is stunning
Ephesus (Turkey), famous temple of Artemis, one of the seven World Wonders.
Georgia A southern US state with the official state song of "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles.
I did not know that always thought he singing about a woman.

Holland. Windmill cannels women in Windows coffee shops Advercart cheese that looks and taste of rubber and a little boy finger stuck in a dyke.Sorry DM if I stereotyping tulips and very nice people
Idyllwild California. Cute little mountain town to the east of Los Angeles. Famous for yoga retreats, holistic medicine, etc.
Kilimangaro The world's tallest freestanding mountain. Located in Tanzania, East Africa. 19,340 ft tall. I know because I climbed it a few years ago.
London...famouse for everything as they say fed up with London you fed up of history Tower of London Queen Buckingham palace The Shard the gherkin dock lands petticoat lane brick lane illegal immigrants the tube parliament river Thames and most importantly me I londoner
Molokai!!! In the middle of the Hawaiian Island chain between Oahu and Maui, it is one of the lesser known of the islands. 10 miles wide and 38 miles long. Famous for being the birthplace of the Hula.
New Zealand ...where to start just so beautiful volcanic rotarrewa sulphur kiwi fruit with pleasure place everything is kiwi even the big wheel little kiwi cars.Mari Katherine Mansfield kiwi bird ,ferns ,spars ,no traffic jams Barbi on the beach and really boring food
Oahu. Immediately to the west of Molokai (I can see it from my porch). Oahu is home to the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, the north shore is known for its huge surf. That's where the surfing championships take place.
Providence, Rhode Island-- capital city of this New England state, and one of the oldest cities in the U.S.
Redrock, Arizona.

Famous obviously for the red rocks but also a cute artsy community that hosts lots of music and art festivals. One of the towns at a slightly higher elevation than the rest of Arizona so not as bloody hot.
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