got a start of another dx from the spinal doc

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Hey all here's a update since its been a long time since I've been on.

I went to the spinal doc and they told me that i have chronic pain syndrome and if the doctors or neuro, will look into it more it could be one of many differnt things.

1) fibro
2) chronic fatigue syndrome added onto it
3) fibro and MS

so will have to have more test's run.

I'll be going to a university here in MN soon (hopefully) to see if they can tell me if I have sx's of MS and if they can give me a answer one way or the other so i can keep trying to find out whats wrong with me.

Mike - I do hope you find answers as to what is wrong. Please let us know how the new tests turn out.
Meanwhile, take care of yourself ~ Dolores
ty dolores,
i'm hoping so to i have so much going on it's alot to take in have a dx os seizures and pnes, tht are finally mostly under control thank goodness!
And the other stuff is so annoying that my current (new mind you) neuro is starting to not worry about them but wil find out if he does in 3 days, and if the MS neuro clinic accepts me into their program, to try help me soon also.
Thanks to this place I've been able to get answers and questions to point em in the right direction to ask my docs to get a correct dx of seizures and pnes.
ty everyone.

I was thinking about you last night and wondering how things were going. I'm so glad for the update :). Sounds like more work before you get those answers. But well worth it. :).
Thanks Julie!

I haven't been around much running around from doctor to dcotor trying to find out whats wrong and talking with some new friends on a MS forum to see if I should/ & how I should talk to my current and possibly new MS neuro if they accept me into their program about everything that, ive been going through.

And julie I also read you took a break as well and you were in my thoughts as well, (but dont remember if it was a old post or not :) my memory has been so bad latey)
thank you for the thoughts.
I'll try to keep more up dates just been in kinda in a "funk as well" but as someone said..
"this to shall pass".

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