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I have high blood pressure that I can't get under control with diet or exercise, I'm underweight. Dr insist I must get my BP down. Is anyone here on meds for BP? If so, would you share with me the brand you take? I've always had low BP & a little cautious. Thanks for your help!
My parents both struggle with high blood pressure. They have been taking meds for it for years, but I don't know which ones they are taking. The meds helped, but their blood pressure didn't really get under control until they went on a low salt diet. It's not been easy to eat a low salt diet, but they are sticking to it and their blood pressures have come down dramatically.
I am taking Metoprolol, Pravastatin and 1 low-dose aspirin. I am doing quite well for blood pressure numbers. We did have some questions with how blood pressure activity was showing on a 2 week testing so the Metoprolol was split so it is now 1/2 in morning 1/2 at night. Makes things much easier. That is just my specific case and what we did to correct things. Every once in awhile the numbers will show a bit odd but I do my very best to keep them right where they need to be.
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