Hypothyroidism & Epilepsy


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Hi Folks,

For the past month I have felt exhausted and wiped out no matter how much sleep I get and I went to the Dr. and they
are concerned I have hypothyroidism. This runs in my family and what concerns me is my mom had it and she had to take hormone
pills the rest of her life. If this ends up happening to me I know the hormone pills will trigger seizures for me. Has anyone had to
deal with this because I'm concerned the seizures are going to start up again.
Thanks for your time and help and May God Bless All of You,

I haven't had to deal with issues of hypothyroidism, but at times I've been suspicious - wondering if I ever had hyperthyroidism and my mom wondered why docs never wanted to test my thyroid because that can cause issues with hormones if something is off.

I've also gained weight after switching medications this past year and it's awful. I'm so wiped all the time as it is from medication, but being overweight is tiring on top of it. I wonder if the medication is hurting my hormones or silently has been. Currently trying to tackle losing weight as I've never gained like this before.

I do know that iodine plays a HUGE role in thyroid health. I received news a couple years ago that I had a severe iodine deficiency and boy how my body was suffering. I was losing a lot of hair, it started falling off in chunks - likes inches of hair and my hair started looking super choppy and ratty because it would just break off. My nails were breaking super easily, they could not grow long at all, and other miserable symptoms. I started taking Lugol's Iodine from J.Crow's Marketplace since it was the 5% solution that had been told to me to take and I'd take 2-3 drops in a glass of water each day. It helped me so much, my hair doesn't break off, I can grow my nails out again, and menstrual cycles aren't hell on earth.

I hope that you can also make sure your iodine levels are okay, too. Iodine deficiencies can cause a load of problems.
Maybe you should get some blood work done.
I had my thyroid removed. The dr keeps a close eye on my levels.
Hi Folks,

Thanks for the info. I did get a complete blood count done when I was at the Dr. so I'm waiting for the results to come back.
my mom had her thyroid removed yrs. ago do to a cyst on it.

As far as the other symptoms you mentions XxBlaqkxX I have many of them my hair and skin are dry all the time, my nails break
and my hair falls out a lot of the time. I'm going to look into the iodine and see if that helps. I know my big downfall is I drink coffee
and tea and that's not good for a person who has thyroid problems from what I have read online.

Thanks again for all of your help and info. I wish you only the best and May God Bless You,

Hi Sue --

Fingers-crossed that you don't have hypothyroidism, or are only mildly sub-clinical -- in those cases, there's no need for the thyroid med.
Did you take thyroid meds (levothyroxine) in the past?
Hi Nakamova,

I haven't taken any thyroid meds in the past thank goodness and I hope it stays that way. Hopefully it's just that I'm getting
older. I just wish the Drs. office wouldn't take so long to get the blood test results it seems like it takes them forever since they
always have to send the blood work out of town to be tested. Thanks for your help and I wish you only the best. May God Bless You!

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