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I am currently at college studying Media L2 and i didn't have epilepsy since i was 4 and i just got it back late december. My parents didn't really talk about it as it was gone for years.

This year and last year at college i have been trying to find more information on what causes the seizures like flashing lights. I was totally unaware what happens in TLE .

I have found out that i get bad memory loss, big head aches, fuzzy feelings, twitches, sensitive to smells and light. Even my spelling and speech is messed up at times and have blackouts.

I'm totally freaked out and i am doing flash photography and meaning to get some answers on what triggers and how to prevent them.
Hi Skater, welcome to CWE!

You've come to the right place for information. Quite a few CWE members have TLE,and have struggled with the symptoms you describe. Do you keep a seizure diary? That might help you get a handle on the different things that trigger your seizure activity. College is probably a big stressor in general...

Make yourself at home here and feel free to explore all the different forums,
Hey Skater,

Best way to find out what causes your seizures is to see a doctor. They'll attempt to find out for sure.

I always get a good laugh out of friends at concerts. "Oh, man, Nick! The strobe lights are going! You better leave before you have a seizure!" My best friend's husband said to her at a concert, "Man, Nick would have to get out of here with all the strobe lights." She gave him the same dumb look I would have given him. :D

A trigger for your seizures could be pretty much anything. Stress, anxiety, lights, etc., but if you are like me, there may be no known trigger. The doctors tried everything they could and they couldn't trigger one. I did have seizures when hooked up to the EEG machine, though, so they were able to get information on the seizures.

Best of luck and I hope you find what you're looking for. Welcome.
Best way to find out what causes your seizures is to see a doctor. They'll attempt to find out for sure.

I have temporal lobe epilepsy, stemming from the left temporal lobe and I've had it for 30+ years. I've had CP seizures and TC seizures. I've been to numerous docs and had numerous tests and been on numerous meds and the doctors still don't know what caused my seizures.

I suffer big time from memory loss and have aphasia (trouble finding words).
Stress is a big time seizure buster, so college can definitely do it. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep can bring them on, too. Make sure you eat properly, also.
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