1. N

    Melanie Griffith and epilepsy

    Just saw this article ( where actress Melanie Griffith reveals that she was diagnosed with epilepsy 6 years ago. On the one hand, great! -- it helps to destigmatize epilepsy when celebrities talk about their own experiences...
  2. J

    MTV True Life: I Have Epilepsy

    :e: :e: :e: :e: :e: :e: :e: :e: The whole entire episode is online...
  3. Lovespurple

    Epilepsy and TV Shows

    Hi everyone. I hope you're having a good day so far. :) I'm is Epilepsy portrayed in TV Shows? I know that there is one character in the British drama series EastEnders that has Epilepsy, but that's all I know. Thanks.
  4. N

    article on S.U.D.E.P. in the Boston Globe

    Interesting, well-balanced article on S.U.D.E.P in today's Globe:
  5. S

    I'm a Epileptic

    I am currently at college studying Media L2 and i didn't have epilepsy since i was 4 and i just got it back late december. My parents didn't really talk about it as it was gone for years. This year and last year at college i have been trying to find more information on what causes the seizures...
  6. N

    Enquiry from an Australian TV program about sodium valproate and birth defects

    An Australian public affairs TV program is currently looking at the issue of sodium valproate and birth defect risks. We're really hoping to speak to people in Australia who believe their children have been affected by this drug - and also pregnant women who are currently taking it. We'd also...
  7. J

    Photosensitive Epilepsy prevention

    Hi, my name is Jakub and I don't have epilepsy myself, but I have worked in the broadcast industry for years doing, among others, so called Harding tests for broadcasters and post production facilities all over the world. I have decided to leave the company and try to raise awareness on...
  8. P

    Negative Perceptions Of Epilepsy Via Twitter

    A revealing study published in Epilepsy & Behavior provides evidence that the perception of epilepsy is not faring well in social media. Kate McNeil and colleagues from Dalhousie University in Canada analyzed data collected from Twitter to provide a snapshot of how epilepsy is portrayed within...
  9. Bernard

    [News] University of Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill has seizure on TV
  10. batman

    Stick it; or not?

    We have a situation about a video on the ABC News website. Sometime, back in the month of November 2010, there was a picture on the homepage about a video on After watching the video, which I don't remember what it was about, I typed the word "epilepsy" in the search box...
  11. N

    Movie: The Exploding Girl

    Has anyone seen this indie fiction movie? It's playing in NYC now, but hasn't made it up to Beantown, and I don't know if it's showing anywhere else. From the trailer it seems like it might do a good job in handling the character's epilepsy, but I can't tell for sure.
  12. batman

    Ticked Off, once again.

    My being "ticked off" was just increased while watching a public awareness commercial on TV about 'Adult ADHD'. The website for it is I'm sure that commercial will be beneficial for everyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD. But for the people who do have and who do not...
  13. Birdbomb

    [News] TV medical dramas show viewers the wrong response HA! In your face House!
  14. batman

    Dr. Oz Show - Monday Feb 15th

    My hunch was correct. Everyone, earlier today (Saturday, February 13, 2010) while watching the Fox Channel there was a highlight of what will be shown next week (Feb 15 thru 19, 2010), on the Dr. Oz show. The overall highlight lasted roughly 30 seconds, and what definitely caught my attention...
  15. flinnigan

    Steve Harvey blew it.

    I'm not usually sensitive to things like this and I know others are and thought this would be a great opportunity to get some info out. Today on Good Morning America Steve Harvey made a bad joke about seizures. When he was asked how to get rid of a guy he responded by saying "Fake a seizure, oh...
  16. M

    Las Vegas Sun epilepsy story

    Hi folks, I'm a journalist and I thought you all might be interested in a story I wrote about epilepsy: Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and pass the story on to others! Best, Marshall Allen
  17. tinasmom

    Epilepsy on front page of WI State Journal

    Today's WI State Journal has an article titled "Latest Battle: Epilepsy". This article is about the VA hospital in Madison WI, which last month was named as part of the Veterans Health Administration's new Epilepsy Centers for Excellence Network. The article can be found on line also...
  18. Dutch mom

    Prince talks about his struggle with E.,00.html
  19. RobinN

    ABC show America's Next Top Model

    Rebecca screamed from the other room tonight. I just HAD to come quick. She informed me that one of the contestants on the new season of ANTM has Epilepsy. We both think this is sooooo cool. Her name is Isabella. Let's all send her positive energy, because she can be a voice for so many people...
  20. A

    Media Coverage reflecting epilepsy

    Have you seen the latest issue of Mad Magazine? The fake advertisement in its August issue reflects a person with epilepsy and a sarcastic, potentially harmful way to treat a seizure. Circuit City retracted the issue from its shelves.
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