Is it kepprage or just stress?

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Hi all, I've been away for awhile, but I have question about Keppra and the Kepprage anger issues that some have. I've been taking Keppra for 11 or 12 years, and I've never had any anger issues.

Recently, I've been working alot in a new job and experiencing alot of stress with deadlines and some unreasonable colleagues. I find that I'm losing my temper alot more recently, and I wondered if one was going to have Kepprage would I have noticed it before now, or is it possible to not have onset till have 10 years on the drug?

I haven't taken it out directly on anyone to their face, usually yelling out loud or pounding my desk (I work from home) privately, outside of anyone else's ear shot. I've shared my work frustrations with family and in the retelling, I can sometimes get worked up all over again. But, from what I hear, people with actual Kepprage generally take it out on people directly, and I haven't ever done that. Nor, do I recall this happening much before taking this job.

Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions here. I'm inclined to think it is just stress from the job, but I wanted to see if it was possible Keppra could cause this after this long on the drug with no issues?

Any thoughts?
Something could have changed with respect to how you metabolize the drug. You can always ask your doctor to have a blood syrum test run (they draw blood and test the level of the drug in your system) to make sure you aren't running a higher (or lower) dosage than expected.

I don't know if this is an issue with Keppra, but some meds (notably Dilantin which my wife took for decades) eventually reach a point of diminished returns where the body becomes very sensitive to it (experiencing side effects where you didn't used to before as blood syrum levels fluctuate).
This could be both the keppra and stress. I had to go off the keppra because it gave me such a hot temper I was concerned
I would lose my job. You may want to get a blood test to see if the drug level is a little higher and that could be causing the temper
do to the increase in the drug level. I know this may sound crazy but put a cold washcloth on your face and the back of your neck
if you notice that you are getting a temper again by doing this it will calm the neurons down in the brain and you will be more mellow.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

These days it's difficult to know...

If you find yourself getting angry a lot or irritated without reason then it could definitely be the medication.

I do believe stress and such could make side effects more likely to happen since being tired or lacking in quality sleep is more likely while stressed.

It could be a combination of both. Trying to help reduce your stress would be a good start to figuring this out.

I've been on Keppra for a bit over 10 years total (most of that has been in a row, but there was a break in there somewhere for a bit).

Lately, I've been having more depression and anxiety issues. I have reached mental breakdown level and that was scary.

Thankfully it didn't last more than a few days and I have recovered from that, but my risk for more anxiety and depression in the future I feel is horribly high on this medication.

I have also had a high amount of stressors going on, so I feel that's a bit more to blame...

Although, sometimes I feel "on edge" and wonder if that's the if one little thing goes wrong, I feel like I might lose it.
Hi Dignan,

To me it sounds like it's probably both stress and Keppra, but mostly the job. Perhaps you can identify periods when your anger/irritability is the worst and correlate that to particularly stressful times at work? Similarly, when you're feeling good about how the job's going---are you still on edge?

My wife has noted a change in my behavior since I started taking Keppra--irritable, more blunt to people, etc. I don't actually care that much. Not sure what that that says about me. I can always blame the Keppra.

All the best.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. As I mentioned, I've been on Keppra for over 10 years and never noticed any anger issues before. That said, I'm going to get a blood level check done. I haven't had one in a while anyway, so it's good to get that checked. I'm not on a particularly high dose of Keppra, as I take 500mg twice a day (morning and night).

I started this job earlier in the year and it has been stressful, and the culture of the place is very demanding. In terms of when I notice anger the most, it's when I have multiple due deliverables at the same time, and someone comes in and adds something else last minute to my calendar without thought as to what else I have due. So, it's getting pulled in several directions without enough hours in the day is when I notice it, and usually specific to a few colleagues who I think are particularly inconsiderate and non-caring (their project is the only one that is important in their eyes). Leads to me working all hours of the night to get things done by deadline. I also feel the situation has been accumulating in terms of getting worse, as has my irritability.

So, in short, I do tend to think it's mainly the job. I've asked my family, and they notice my anger and irritability has increased around the job, but they say my personality has not otherwise changed and that I haven't shown myself to be an angry person or enraged around anyone in my personal life.

I know things can change over the years with meds in terms of how we react to them, but it sounds like I'll just see if the blood levels are stable and try to be more aware of pressure at work, so I don't pop off and say something to get myself in trouble on the job.

At minimum, it's made me step back and think a bit and plug me back in to keeping an eye on my E and meds and consider what is going on, which since I've been very stable on Keppra, I admit I haven't paid as much attention to as I prob should.
another issue, similar to one i had, the company may have also changed the combination in the pills, my pharmacy put me on a generic once, and i basically spent the next few weeks in beds in bed from constant seizures till i went to my doc and she had a few unkind words with the pharmacy, it made a diff. unfortunally it may also be a placebo effect to. it is amazing how much that makes a difference with some of the meds
The combo of stress & any AED is hard to deal with! I speak from experience specifically w/keppra as I was previously on it for 10 or so yrs! (2002-2012) now am nearly 30 yrs old. Been on lamictal again for the last 10 yrs after a short stint as a kid w/o luck but it’s the only one that works now, w/minimal side effects! We maxed me out on keppra, thinking it would help w/my complex partial seizures as my body readjusted over the yrs & it did nothing other than make me a MOODY MESS DELUXE!!! I was constantly angry while on it & the days I accidentally missed doses were my only “good days” mood wise. When we(my mom & I) approached my doc @ that time (2012) as a 19 yr old then, my doc actually admitted that it has a bad nickname!!! The DIVORCE DRUG!!!! Due to the side effects being MAJOR mood swings especially, etc! My mom & I were like “ok that makes sense!!!” So YES it’s a problematic AED!!!! 😢🥺 Added stress to us epileptics of course doesn’t help matters though!!! Prayers for you!!🙏🏽 I personally have also started taking some natural supplements in the last 5 yrs & also have greatly improved the after effects of a seizure & shortened my recovery times!!! I feel ya!!😞☹️🙏🏽
Hi Briana, it’s good that you're off the Keppra, but just a heads-up about the Lamictal -- it can cause bone loss, so even though you’re only 30, you should make sure you're getting plenty of calcium in your diet, and consider taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

Aren't side effects lovely? I think all AEDs are problematic in one way or another...
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